Web Based

A web based system allowing access from wide ranges of mobile devices and browsers.

Email Notifications

Staff members automatically notified by email when they are required to perform an action on an incident.

Role Based Control

Role based access control. Separation of roles on the system ensures staff members only have access to authorised activities.


Increased security around user access ensures that user options can be restricted when logging in remotely to help protect against data loss.

Session Timeouts

Configurable user session timeouts ensuring a user is left logged out, should they become inactive.


Email Access

Incidents are updated via email links only, as the email includes a unique random identifier for extra security.

Fast-track Incidents

The Stage Override facility allows a stalled incident to progress from the current stage.


Add a customisable logo for your organisation.

Secure Updates

Secure updates using signed GPG keys to ensure only properly signed updates and patches are allowed on the system.

Fast Access

Users are managed securely, using a local database to ensure no cross contamination or unauthorised access.

Reporting Tools

Extensive reporting both online and via downloadable Excel spreadsheets allow you to create personalised reports and assessments.


Audit Logging

Full audit logging to ensure activity taking place on the system is logged.  Logs have filter options based around user(s) and/or event(s).

Personal Security

Configurable account security ensuring lockouts are enforced if too many incorrect passwords are entered.

Session Management

Users can only have one session active, if another session becomes active, the user has to re-validate themselves by re-entering their password.

Stag Overriding

Only users who have an action are permitted to update incidents. This can be overridden by Authorisers or Final Authorisers using the Stage Override facility.

Mass Stage Overriding

Mass Stage Override allows Final Authorisers to re-delegate incidents that need signing off for absent staff.


Automated secure daily backups using GPG public key encryption.

Active Patching and Development

Secure patching using signed GPG keys to patch individual systems.