Teacher Studying


All staff at a school or private institution have the responsibility of keeping children safe. Additionally they must follow strict guidelines and rules by Ofstead, local authorities and other organisations. The Prime Software Systems Incident Management System allows you effectively to follow best practises when dealing with difficult situations, and allows you to record everything that is necessary.

You’ll be no stranger to the risk that truant, aggressive or unpredictable students pose to their classmates and support staff and will know that when it comes to writing up consistent reports, often detail can be missed or given second thought, due in part to teaching staff having to enter reports too often, not all student or witnesses recollection is considered because it was forgotten or staff failing to do so entirely because they have mistakenly forgotten.

Additionally students who are often truant or cause problems for teachers who need to teach a classroom are distracting to classrooms and it is crucial to prevent such behaviour. As education professionals we aim to support children through their learning and identify areas that need improvement in behaviour and students that require close attention.

The Pupil Incident Management System was developed to address a growing need in schools. That is, to accumulate not only the data around incidents, but to produce effective reports. This needs to be done as efficiently and quickly as possible as teachers already have little time as it is to work with existing systems. These systems aim to not only protect classrooms from disruptive systems, by providing in depth analysis, but also works to improve the completion time of reports on incidents that have occurred.

In addition to providing effective means of logging and tracking student behaviour, it also allows staff to post a daily diary and categorise their logs by items such as causes for concern or health and medication.