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The Challenge

The Pupil Incident Management System was developed to address a growing need in schools to accumulate not only the data around incidents, but to produce effective reports. This needs to be done as efficiently and quickly as possible as teachers already have little time as it is to work with existing systems.

The Solution

The Pupil Incident Management System addresses this by allowing teachers to create and update incidents whenever they can, wherever they are. It also removes the need for the incident reporters, witnesses or staff involved with physical management to be together to create the report.

Centralized Reporting and Observer Input

The Pupil Incident Management System centralises all of the necessary administration when a pupil or staff member is involved in an incident. This makes it easy for staff to enter the information, and for those involved to get back to class as soon as possible.

Hard-wired Integrity

With the use of the Incident Form (including absconding/absenting), all the required data is entered as an incident occurred. Rigid validation ensures that any input is complete and valid. It still needs accuracy checking to ensure it is a true statement of account, hence the need for several levels of validation by peers and senior management. This allows for extensive reporting and trending analysis when reviewing previous incidents to determine the root cause.

Diary Based

The child’s diary logging system (red book) allows for staff to place updates against the child’s log. When an incident is raised, it will also add to child’s log the incident number and URL to access the incident. Entries are made in the child’s log, using customisable tags for quick and easy searching. When an entry in the child log is made referencing an incident number, then that incident’s record is updated with the feedback generated by that child’s diary entry.

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